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Av. Nossa Senhora da Saúde, 23 - Boa Vista II - Serra - ES
TEL.: (27) 2124-3200 / (27) 2124-3240

Meet Metalflux

The Metalflux capixaba company specializing in projects in stainless steel, steel structures and industrial supplies in the Espírito Santo - Brazil.

Quality and Credibility

Company Featured in capixaba market by offering products of high technical quality, aesthetic beauty and durability.

Services in Stainless Steel

We manufacture custom parts in stainless steel for commercial, industrial, civil construction among others.

100% Capixaba

Operates more than 10 years in the Holy Spirit in the marketing of industrial supplies and non-ferrous metals.

Measure One!

Resell custom metals and industrial supplies and immediate assistance and urgently in our machining center.

We Serve the Segments

Civil Construction, Machining, Chemical Industries, Naval Area, Oil Platforms, Thermoelectrics, steelmakers and more.